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Digital printing


牆貼可以迅速美化牆身,自訂內容及圖案更可做到油漆難以達到的效果。不論客戶選擇為店舖裝飾或進行宣傳推廣活動,牆貼助您輕鬆得到宣傳及美化效果,因此被廣泛應用到不同的廣告工程中。我們噴畫輸出的面積能應用的產品很廣泛,大型應用的例如大廈外牆身廣告、大型廣告板、大型燈布等 ; 小型的可以是牆身廣告﹑門貼﹑展覽攤位的展板、背幕等等。

神畫創作於香港設有自家廠房印製及進行噴畫製作。為保證質量,採用了HP及EPSON專業機以原廠油墨生產,嚴格跟從原廠打印物料規格及標準。並提供專業追色, 不會出現偏色出錯的情況。我們亦會因應不同的廣告工程項目而建議採用不同的廣告製作物料媒介,包括平面Die-Cut不規則貼紙、3D立體裝飾、櫥窗展覽架、人型立體板及佈景板等等

牆貼 WallSticker

Wall stickers can be used on both walls and ceilings, and prevents humidity retention and scratches better than wallpaper. Apart from decoration, wall stickers are widely used in commercial premises for events and advertisements. It is an effective way to convey brand news to the public while using only a little space.

Unique Concept has a local workshop for printing and production. Custom-made sticker orders are welcomed as we aim to provide comprehensive service to satisfy clients’ needs and lighten their workloads. We use natural materials and products that meet international environmental requirements and are suitable for indoor venues.

Mall Decoration

要於有限的地方善用空間宣傳尤其是商場﹑小店﹑商業大廈等,可考慮在玻璃裱貼貼紙,不論製作精美的裝飾玻璃貼或櫥窗廣告都適用。玻璃貼分透明貼﹑磨砂貼及穿窿貼,三款玻璃貼佳可透光,如用UV噴墨作噴畫就可以達到局部托白(部分位置不透光)的效果,同時能令顏色有實色效果和防曬功能。 天比廣告提供多元化的廣告工程服務,於香港設置廠房進行印製及UV平板數碼噴畫製作。最多8色印刷 CMYK及Lc, Lm色彩補充 ,加上獨立白墨噴令印繪選擇更富彈性。UV 固化油墨打印有別於普通打印,利用紫外燈照射乾透後的成品耐刮程度很高,更可解決電腦界字幼細字繁複工序。

玻璃貼 Glass Sticker

A glass sticker is divided into transparent, mesh and frosted stickers. It can be used a a normal or inverse image on glass according to the situation. If necessary, the background can be white colored to sharpen the subject. Greenbase AD’s workshop provides UV printing for production. The ink transparency can be adjusted. Our printers contain 8 CMYK colors and also some supplemental colors. Color options are more flexible to make the visuals more realistic and in keeping with design intact.