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Digital printing


牆貼主要用以美化牆身,可自訂不同內容及圖案,更可做到油漆不能達到的效果。牆貼能助您輕鬆為店舖裝飾或者進行宣傳推廣活動,達至宣傳及美化的效果。牆貼被廣泛應用到不同的大小型廣告工程當中。我司的噴畫輸出面積可應用到各種類型的廣告產品上。大型工程應用包括有大廈外牆身廣告、大型廣告板、大型燈布 。 小型工程應用如牆身廣告﹑門貼﹑展覽攤位的展板、背幕等等。

牆貼 WallSticker

Wall stickers are generally used to beautify walls. Different content and patterns can be customized, and it can achieve effects that cannot be achieved by painting. Wall stickers help you decorate your shop easily or conduct promotional activities/services to achieve that outcome of publicity and beautification. Wall stickers are widely used in different large and small advertising projects. Our inkjet output area can be applied to various types of advertising products. Apart from decoration, wall stickers are widely used in large-scale applications such as commercial premises for events and advertisements. Small-scale applications such as door stickers, exhibition booths, backdrops, etc. it is an effective way to convey brand news to the public while using only a little space.

神畫創作於香港設有20,000尺廠房印製以及進行各類型噴畫製作。為保證出品質量,我們採用歐洲原廠進口機器,如HP、EPSON、EFI、swissQprint等等,以原廠油墨生產,嚴格跟從原廠打印物料的規格和標準。我們會提供專業跟色, 確保不會出現偏色出錯的情況。我們亦會因應不同的廣告工程項目而建議採用不同的廣告製作物料媒介。

Unique Concepts Company Ltd. is formed and based in Hong Kong with a 20,000 foot local workshop for printing and various types of inkjet production. To ensure the product quality, we use Europe-imported printing machineries, such as HP, EPSON, EFI, swissQprint, etc. with professional models and produce with original inks, and strictly follow the specifications and standards of the original printing materials. We will provide professional color tracking to ensure that there is no color cast error. Furthermore, we will recommend to our clients the best use of different advertising production material media in response to particular advertising projects.

Mall Decoration


玻璃貼 Glass Sticker

Glass stickers are widely used for glass showcases in shopping malls, small shops, or commercial premises, and it can make the perfect touch of the limited space for advertising. A glass sticker is partitioned into transparent, frosted, and mesh stickers. The three types of glass stickers can transmit lights. It can be used as a normal or inverse image on glass according to the situation. For instance, UV inkjet printing can achieve the effect of partial whitening (part of the position is opaque), and at the same time, it can make the color have a solid color effect and sun protection.