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Car Wrapping


小型貨車(貨Van)多為中小型企業的商用車,比其他貨車體積細但於設計上有更靈活的變化,既可以善用整個車身做廣告,亦可以只裁出所需的廣告(Logo﹑聯絡資料等)呎吋,自由選擇合適的設計方案。 神畫創作以卓越手工裝貼包括大型貨車、中型貨車及小型貨車,配備完善設施,有完善安裝及移除貼紙工具,自備廠房打印貼紙,歡迎客戶參觀製作過程,而且優勢在於基礎,超過十多年經驗,所以備有大量車款呎吋記錄及大量舊客戶設計參考記錄。裱貼過無數車款,一直使用優質車身貼紙物料,由原廠HP Latex工業機及油墨打印出廣告車身貼紙。貼紙牌子有3M, Avery, Mactac, LG等等。歡迎來電查詢,會有專人系統化跟進生產流程及細節。

小型貨車 Van Warps

There are several variations for car stickers. They include the full wrap, partial wrap, and even customized totem stickers that are suitable for all vehicle types. Unique concepts have more than 10 years’ experience in wrapping and are equipped with complete facilities. Our database has extensive records for reference so that clients can find their ideal choice.

Mall Decoration

與大型貨車一樣,中型貨車透過貨櫃,將廣告信息傳播到各地,建議將產品放入車身廣告中,令大眾能迅速了解企業業務。 神畫創作以師傅卓越的手工裝貼各大、中﹑小型貨車。配備完善設施,優勢在於基礎,備有大量車款呎吋記錄及大量舊客戶設計參考記錄。自備廠房打印,使用原廠HP Latex工業機及油墨打印出廣告車身貼紙,貼紙牌子有3M, Avery, Mactac, LG等等。歡迎來電查詢,會有專人系統化跟進生產流程及細節。

中型貨車 Small Truck Warp

Unique concepts in-house large format printers allow large-scale printing and use globally recognized, high quality imported advertising materials. Our printing system consists of supplementary ink colors that improve the printout and enable a highly delicate printing result. We have an extensive database containing diverse design records and car sizes for reference. You are most welcome to make inquires about the production process.

大型貨車的廣告重心主要是貨櫃,畫面(貨櫃)完整,帶出強烈視覺感, 能將廣告信息傳播到遠處,建議將產品放入車身廣告中,令大眾能迅速了解企業業務。 神畫創作優勢在於基礎,有超過十多年經驗的師傅,以卓越手工裝貼各類車身廣告,於香港自設廠房打印貼紙。備有大量車款呎吋及設計參考記錄。裱貼過無數車款,使用優質車身貼紙物料,由原廠HP Latex工業機及油墨打印出廣告車身貼紙。貼紙牌子有3M, Avery, Mactac, LG等等。歡迎來電查詢生產流程及細節及參觀製作過程。

大型貨車 Truck Warp

Customized stickers for transport are popular for businesses as they are not restricted by locations and regions. Unique concept n-house large format printers allow large-scale printing, using high-quality advertising materials like Mactac, Avery, 3M, Oracal, etc. We have strict standards for materials and printing and we provide quasi color services to ensure output quality to create a better visual effect for the advertisements.

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